Friday, August 1, 2014
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Special Super Series:
"The Family' - Mankind to Godkind"
will run from: Friday, July 11th
to Friday, August 22nd, 2014
Beginning & Ending @7:00pm (GMT-7:00)
Total Series Audio Time: 122:41
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Our programming schedule often includes anointed men and women of God whom we respect and from whom we learn much. We do not necessarily agree, however, with every word they say, especially when it comes to using the word "Lord," which is an incorrect translation used in many versions of the Bible. (Why? Read more HERE)

Calling all seekers of truth!

"The Family' - Mankind to Godkind" The greatest of God’s miracles is the transformation of lowly mankind to being made in God’s likeness as members of His divine Family of Love. And what love was required to make that creation possible. The Father sowed the painful seed of giving up His only Son so He would defeat Satan and bring many more sons to glory in His Kingdom. How are you doing by God’s grace in your process of transformation. Don’t be discouraged. God isn’t finished with you yet!

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"A Universe at War"

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

God is a God of peace, but He also has to make war at times to establish peace. The story of God’s creation, angels and mankind, is a story of war from time immemorial. You will be surprise at how war has been a problem from the beginnings of earth’s history. Lucifer rebelled and waged war against God as Satan, and those influenced by him have continued to wage war throughout the universe and on earth, culminating in the the coming great war at the end of this age. Peace will finally come with Jesus’ return.


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