Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Special Super Series:
"Believing Fear Instead of Jesus’"
will run from: Friday, September 12th
to Friday, September 26th, 2014
Beginning & Ending @7:00pm (GMT-7:00)
Total Series Audio Time: 22:42
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Open & Encouraging Word
Charley West & Robert Scott Run Time - 0:20
Prayer for Listeners
Marilyn Williamson. Run Time - 0:03
God Kills Fear
John Paul Jackson. Run Time - 1:03
Denial & Unbelief 
Gerald Budzinski. Run Time - 1:03
End Time Warnings
Jonathan Kahn. Run Time - 0:34
Pain & the Unforgiving Heart
Lynda Scott. Run Time - 0:34
"Just for the Health of It"
Extreme Health Radio.
Run Time - 0:57
Seven Fears to Avoid 
Joyce Meyer. Run Time - 0:52
I’m Still Standing
Joel Osteen. Run Time - 0:27
The Lie – God Doesn’t Love Me
Joyce Gingerich. Run Time - 1:01
Blood on the Altar
Tom Horn & Steve Quayle. Run Time - 0:59
Understanding the Clash of Two Worlds
Myles Munroe. Run Time - 1:06
Distortion & Grace
Robert Scott. Run Time - 0:55
Overcoming Fear and Doubt
Joyce Meyer. Run Time - 0:52
Hear the Lemurians Calling
Hugh Potter. Run Time - 0:55
Wising Up
Beth Moore. Run Time - 0:32
A Universe at War
Charley West. Run Time - 1:13
Ice Bucket Challenge
Anita Fuentes. Run Time - 0:43
Mystery of the Ages
William Cooper. Run Time - 0:56
Making Jesus a Burden 
Marilyn Williamson. Run Time - 0:32
Prophesy in the News
Gary Stearman & L.A. Marzulli.
Run Time - 0:51
Prepared to Defend the Faith
Andy Stanley. Run Time - 0:41
Confusing Grace, Mercy & Forgiveness
Charlene Bishop. Run Time - 0:51
Satan’s End Game

Doug & Joe Hagman. Run Time - 0:46

Overcoming Fear with Faith
Joyce Meyer . Run Time - 0:47
Regrets & Mercy
Lacey Budzinski. Run Time - 0:56
Fear Not – Have Faith in God
Bill Winston. Run Time - 0:45

Our programming schedule often includes anointed men and women of God whom we respect and from whom we learn much. We do not necessarily agree, however, with every word they say, especially when it comes to using the word "Lord," which is an incorrect translation used in many versions of the Bible. (Why? Read more HERE)


Calling all seekers of truth!

"Believing Fear Instead of Jesus" -  Fear has gripped non-believers and believers alike since 9/11, and it’s getting worse, not better. It’s a worse virus than any deadly strain from Africa. The question is why. We explore the answers in our new radio series. We want to direct you to Love Himself, Jesus, who can cast out all fears from your life as you surrender them to Him. As fearful world events surround us, we can stay in peace and love, not obeying the voice of fear that speaks loudly today. We trust that the voice of truth will be lifted up louder than all the voices of fear and falsehood trying to engulf us. Don’t fear, Jesus is near!

Denial and Unbelief

Pastor Gerald Budzinski

The world continues its downward spiral. There is economic chaos. There is sickness and disease, as well as wars globally. Tribulations and fear are rising. Have you wondered where Jesus is in all of the on-going troubles? If you have, then you don’t believe He is real. The Word of God in His holy Bible tells us exactly where Jesus is and what He is doing. God is love and perfect love casts out fear. Believing fear instead of Jesus means you deny His truth and love. Those who profess to be Christians, yet refuse to grow in their belief of Jesus are simply role-playing and not walking as God commands. The trials of this world will increase. God is testing His people and is readying to have the angels seal true Believers with His mark. Are you ready to pass the test or take on the mark of the beast? Listen for Gerald Budzinski’s teaching during our radio series called Believing Fear Instead of Jesus   


A Universe at War

By Charley West

Jesus tells us repeatedly in The Bible to: “Fear Not and Believe Him only.” Are you following His commands? Satan is pushing his global agenda of chaos, confusion and terrorism into our souls daily because he is well aware that his kingdom of darkness is ending. We can see evidence of the enemy’s attempts to steal our peace through wars and rumors of wars. From the horrific brutality of ISIS to the continuing conflict between Russia and the Ukraine, to the financial disasters being forecast and the earthquakes and other severe weather in diverse places, it is clear the world is in tribulation. However, those are all visible events. Directly above us, in the invisible spirit realm, there is a universe at war that began in the heavens millennia ago, only to land on earth and be fast forwarded to this very moment in time by supernatural beings intent on defeating God Almighty and destroying mankind. Charley West explains in our radio series, Believing Fear Instead of Jesus.

Grace and Distortion

Robert Scott

The greatest distortion of our time has become the greatest deception and falling away in history. It’s acclaimed as the grace revolution, but in reality it could be called the grace distortion or rebellion. You can’t find it in the Bible unless you distort it by taking only the verses you can twist to your own and others’ destruction. Millions may miss out on the first and better resurrection and won’t be able to marry Jesus because they have allow themselves to be deceived by this distorted, false gospel, a contrived gospel that contradicts the gospel of the Kingdom of God Jesus, Paul, and faithful end-time servants preached.

Pain and the Unforgiving Heart

What Makes a Marriage Fail?

By Lynda Scott

Jesus took all our pain and all our sin upon Himself on the cross. He showed us the example of how we can walk in freedom with a forgiving heart.  He spoke frequently to His Father that day, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” He was transferring over to each one of us the secret of eating God’s fruit of love.  He opened up to us the presence of the tree of life at our right hand. Choose life over death; choose life and prosperity. Choose Jesus’ way of righteousness and forgiveness.


"A Universe at War"

Friday, September 26th to October 10th 2014

God is a God of peace, but He also has to make war at times to establish peace. The story of God’s creation, angels and mankind, is a story of war from time immemorial. You will be surprise at how war has been a problem from the beginnings of earth’s history. Lucifer rebelled and waged war against God as Satan, and those influenced by him have continued to wage war throughout the universe and on earth, culminating in the coming great war at the end of this age. Peace will finally come with Jesus’ return.


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