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MAY 22 - JUNE 12
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Our Three Week Series:
"Judging God"
will run from: Friday, May 22nd
to Friday, June 12th, 2015
Beginning & Ending @7:00pm (GMT-7:00)
Total Series Audio Time: 22:38
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Intro & Encouraging Word
Charley West & Robert Scott.
Run Time - 0:20
Does God Really Have Loving Kindness
Gerald Budzinski
Run Time - 1:04
Taking Your Treasure Back
Beth Moore. Run Time - 1:02
Jesus Loves You
George Pearsons. Run Time - 0:39
When Will God Prosper Me
Hugh Potter. Run Time - 0:50
What Does Love Look Like?
Joyce Meyer. Run Time - 1:00
Will God Still Heal
Robert Scott. Run Time - 0:59
Partnering With the Invisible
Bill Winston. Run Time - 0:59
God’s Prophesies – True or False?
Charley West. Run Time - 1:05
A Prepared Place for a Prepared People
T.D. Jakes. Run Time - 1:04
Where is God’s Mercy
Lynda Scott. Run Time - 1:04
Good God?
Andy Stanley. Run Time - 0:44
Do You Have Faith in the Father’s Love?
Judi Ganga. Run Time - 0:52
Focus on the Promise Not the Problem
Joel Osteen. Run Time - 0:28
Does God Ask the Impossible?
Lacey Budzinski. Run Time - 1:00
How to Read the Bible Like a Hebrew
Shane Willard. Run Time - 0:52
Am I Really Forgiven?
Joyce Gingerich. Run Time - 1:08
"Just for the Health of It"
Alex Jones/Mike Adams. Run Time - 0:47
It’s Not All about Me
Joyce Meyer. Run Time - 0:58
Answering Prayers of Repentance
Charlene Bishop. Run Time - 1:00
Prophesy in the News
Tom Horn & Chris Putnam. Run Time - 0:25
The Existence of God
Ravi Zacharias. Run Time - 0:59
Do My Children Have a Future and a Hope?
Alanna Edmonds. Run Time - 0:36
Trusting the God You Believe
Tony Evans. Run Time - 0:56
Your Day of Justice
Bill Winston. Run Time - 0:30

Our programming schedule often includes anointed men and women of God whom we respect and from whom we learn much. We do not necessarily agree, however, with every word they say, especially when it comes to using the word "Lord," which is an incorrect translation used in many versions of the Bible. (Why? Read more HERE)


Calling all seekers of truth!

"Judging God" How often do we believers judge God, as if He’s not perfect and does do things our way? We ask, “Where is Your mercy, God, where is Your healing?” We accuse Him that His ways aren’t right. Yet He says, “Is it not your ways that are not right?” (Ezek. 18:29). Steven Cutis Chapman tragically lost his five-year-old, adopted Chinese daughter when his son accidentally ran over the little one in the driveway. The family courageously went on Larry King Live shortly after the tragedy. Larry asked Steven, “Weren’t you mad at God?” He said something few believers realize when they lose a loved one: “No, I’m mad at Satan. He’s the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy.” Bravo for Steven. We’re sure he had others who told him God took her so she could be in heaven. We all need to quit blaming God and examine ourselves and our attitude toward Him. He is love and always acts in love. Our radio series begins Friday, May 22. 


Does God Have Loving Kindness?

By Pastor Gerald Budzinski

Every day when we awake and draw breath, have something to eat in a secure dwelling place and clothes to wear, we need to be thanking God for His loving kindness. Do you? Do you appreciate a beautiful sunset or a delicious meal pleasing to the eye and stomach? All of these are signs of our Father’s loving kindness; yet, so many of us take them for granted. We judge God because He didn’t provide what we wanted, when we wanted it. There is a formula to receiving God’s loving kindness and the steps to obtaining it just might surprise you. Listen to Gerald Budzinski’s teaching during our radio series now playing and discover what you need to know  

God’s Prophecies – True or False?

By Charley West

We have all been given a path to walk in this world.  Because of trials and tests along the way, sometimes, we think Father God is just making all this stuff up as He goes along. In other words, we judge that God is not in control, so we pray for God to make it up our way! People pray to avoid the process Father God has selected for them. That is when people are working on the destination; however, He is working on – the person! There are always steps. God never cuts any corners. Any time you receive something too soon – you will trip on the steps and fall down. God orders those steps for us. He’s always watching, always teaching; always directing us to mature so we can walk right into our prepared blessing. Still, we believe we can do it better. We judge God on whether He really does have loving kindness or on whether there is a hope and a future for us and our children like His Word prophesies and we most definitely judge Him on His prophecies. Are they true or false? Listen for Charley West’s teaching during our radio series and find out!

Will God Still Heal?

By Pastor Robert Scott

Of course He will. Healing didn’t disappear with the last first-century apostle. Jesus’ name of Yashua Rapha, our constant Healer hasn’t changed. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. So what don’t we understand about forever? Forever means forever. We must cease our questions and doubts and simple come in agreement with God, agreeing with His promises in a sure covenant with us.  Cast aside the doubts and simply believe. Faith is coming in agreement with heaven and not wavering with the circumstances. We have a solid covenant with our Father sealed in the blood of Jesus. Pastor Robert reveals new information not recorded in Why Doesn’t God Heal Me?, a veritable encyclopedia of healing available on the bookstore tab on our sites. Don’t miss it.

Where is God’s Mercy?

By Lynda Scott

How vulnerable are we? We are born with our eyes open and breathing, actually screaming for air. Mercy does not appear to be in the picture for child or mother. At that moment we are definitely under the mercy of those around us. A simple glance around at our children’s plight in this world reveals that mercy seems to be sadly lacking. So where is God? How do we attain His mercy? Although the outlook is bleak, He has made provision for us to meet with Him at the mercy seat. He planned it all out in Exodus 25. Also Our Father and Jesus made it possible through Jesus’ blood for us to commune with Him at His throne of Grace. It is a real as is the law of sowing and reaping. As we become aware of how great His mercy is; as we share His mercy with others, we reap more mercy. Seek His mercy; it is a life and death situation for our children. 

Do We Really Believe We Are Forgiven?

By Joyce Gingerich

When we consider and contemplate the Almighty, His Majesty, His Greatness, His Magnificence, His Love and learn more about our powerful, loving Elohim and look around at all the Godhead  has done, is doing and is  going to do, how could we possibly not believe? Joyce Gingerich, our “rapping Grandma” is so excited to share with you some things from God’s Word. Unforgiveness is the main problem in Christian churches today. Learn how you can know God forgives you.

Coming Soon ...

"Bad Days, Sleepless Nights"

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Peace is being stolen from the earth, even among Christians! Jesus asked if He would find faith on the earth when He returns. Faith is based on knowing and hearing the Word of God, and Christians don’t really read the Bible. They don’t know it, so they don’t know peace. Yet Jesus said He gave us His peace. Bad days and sleepless nights are all too frequent in the world, and even among end-time believers. They have fallen for the end-time, prophesied falling away to lawlessness that is in full throttle as it races to the appearance of the man of lawlessness. Those who love God’s law have great peace. They have hope and they can sleep the sleep of the righteous. God says we can see good days if we know and speak His Word. Peace be unto you!. Our radio series begins Friday June 12th.


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