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NOV 21 - DEC 5
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Our Two Week Series:
"The Day Babylon Dies"
will run from: Friday, January 30th
to Friday, February 13th, 2015
Beginning & Ending @7:00pm (GMT-7:00)
Total Series Audio Time: 22:42
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Open & Encouraging Word
Charley West & Robert Scott.
Run Time - 0:20
Look What's Coming
Steve Quayle & Tim Alberinoi.
Run Time - 0:46
Wars & Rumors of Wars
Gerald Budzinski. Run Time - 1:05
Developing Power Thoughts
(Part 1) Joyce Meyer. Run Time - 1:02
Destroying the Father
Hugh Potter. Run Time - 0:57
Living in the Supernatural
(Part 1) Bill Winston. Run Time - 0:57
T.V. Programs for Blinding
Lacey Budzinski. Run Time - 0:38
Choose Faith Instead of Fact
Joel Osteen. Run Time - 0:27
Religions Gone Amuck
Robert Scott. Run Time - 0:59
Developing Power Thoughts
(Part 2) Joyce Meyer. Run Time - 1:05
The Vampire Banking System
Charley West. Run Time - 1:11
Begging for Something
Beth Moore. Run Time - 1:03
Teaching Children to Lie & Hate
Lynda Scott. Run Time - 0:46
Keep Yourself from the Accursed Thing
Michael Rood. Run Time - 0:57
S.W for Q.W.
Charley West. Run Time - 0:30
Living in the Supernatural
(Part 2) Bill Winston. Run Time - 0:51
Lotteries and the Gambling System
Joyce Gingerich. Run Time - 1:06
The Word Works
(Part 1) Kenneth Copeland. Run Time - 1:06
Addicted to Cell Phones & I-Pads
Charlene Bishop. Run Time - 0:51
The Comfort Zone
Andy Stanley. Run Time - 0:44
Developing Power Thoughts
(Part 3) Joyce Meyer. Run Time - 1:03
Call to Commitment
Charles Stanley. Run Time - 0:30
Why Save a Corrupt Medical System?
Judi Ganga. Run Time - 1:00
The Word Works
(Part 2) Kenneth Copeland. Run Time - 1:06
Satan the Savior
Tom Horn & Steve Quayle. Run Time - 0:50

Our programming schedule often includes anointed men and women of God whom we respect and from whom we learn much. We do not necessarily agree, however, with every word they say, especially when it comes to using the word "Lord," which is an incorrect translation used in many versions of the Bible. (Why? Read more HERE)


Calling all seekers of truth!

"The Day Babylon Dies" “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great!” That’s what an angel cries out in Revelation 18:2. Asaph wrote Psalm 73, bemoaning the fact that the wicked were prospering while he was suffering all kinds of attacks. He was wondering if it was all worth it. Then God showed him (verses 17-19) their end, “how they are destroyed in a moment!” Babylon is this world’s religious and political system trying to destroy the family, creating addictions to TV, cell phones, IPads, and gambling. It’s system of provoking wars to sustain a perverted banking system, but Jesus is coming as a Warrior who will cause the death of Babylon and restore His government and His ways of love. Those who come out of Babylon (Rev. 18:4) will rule with Jesus in love. Series begins Friday, January 30th.


Wars and Rumors of Wars

Pastor Gerald Budzinski

Jesus warns us that in the final days just before Satan’s Babylonian system totally collapses, there will be wars and rumors of wars. Most of us expect the confrontations to be between nations using high-powered military equipment, and there will be that type of fighting. However, there are other wars that are being waged all around us every day that most people don’t even see. They don’t even consider them as part of Jesus’ prophecy. Weather wars have resulted in all sorts of damage. Our food is being systematically killed through genetic manipulation. Families are being torn apart because of generational feuds. Gerald Budzinski has a revealing look at what more of us should know when it comes to wars and rumors of wars leading up to the day Babylon dies. Listen to his teaching on Freedom Truth Seekers Radio.

The Day Babylon Burns

By Pastor Robert Scott

Babylon burning isn’t of itself encouraging. But Robert’s word is encouraging because it’s the way you can avoid burning up with it. Simply do what the whole world will do when Jesus returns (Isa. 66:23). All will lay down their sins and the Babylon within them on the Sabbath and new moons. The simple question Robert poses is, “Why not us, and why not now?” It’s about time we accepted God’s mark of the Sabbath and holy days and His appointed times, not the times the Christian world says are so important like Christmas and Easter and Sunday, which are simply and plainly put, the mark of the beast! If you want to be burned up with Babylon, be our guest. If you want the first and best resurrection, qualifying by God’s grace to marry Jesus, you will be raised with Him to rule the world after being resurrected to marry the One you have chosen to obey (John 14:15)!

The Vampire Banking System

By Charley West

Society is filled with ‘wannabe’s’ – people that “want to be” rich who spend an inordinate amount of time trying to achieve wealth and material possessions, which provide an appearance of affluence. That is because they are trapped in Satan’s worldly “get and greed” system. Money is their ‘god.’ They are led by the spirit of mammon which is designed to keep a person in bondage to Satan’s Kingdom of darkness and the Babylonian Brotherhood.  Today the initiates and front men for the Babylonian Brotherhood rule it all! “Banking” is ‘the creation and manipulation of money.’ The financial ‘sting’ is very simple, and spans the period from the time of Sumer and Babylon, to this present moment today. It is based on creating money that doesn’t exist, and lending it to people and businesses in return for interest. This creates enormous debt for governments, businesses and the general population, and in that way, the evil and wicked plans of Satan, therefore controls them and sucks them dry. It is a vampire banking system that Charley West explains on our radio series.

Religions Gone Amuck

By Robert Scott

All the world’s religions have gone amuck, even the Christian religion of our “churchianity” filled with doctrines of demons. TV evangelists and pastors hear from “the Lord” but they don’t test the words they hear with the written Word of God. Christians who are drowsy or asleep and don’t know or study their Bibles don’t test what they hear. The result is the great last days’ falling away. Christians and Christians leaders are embracing the universal church with the ways, days, and names of God embraced by the Babylonish system. This system  is doomed to destruction.  Will we embrace Jesus and His Word and His sign or the mark of the beast? Will we turn over to Jesus the Babylon inside of us so we can persevere to the end and be saved?


"Who Killed the Children?"

Friday, February 13th to 27th ,  2015

God’s desire is that we as parents raise up a generation of righteous children who will follow Jesus into their future, including ruling in the coming Kingdom of God when Jesus returns.  We have failed in this endeavor, killing their purpose and hope and encouraging them to resort to drugs and other addictions, becoming a generation only fit for destruction. God will indeed send a modern-day Elijah to correct this, but for many it will be too late. But it’s not too late for us to pray for, bless, and lead our progeny to follow Jesus into the next generation, even the Millennium when Jesus will reign.


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