Friday, November 28, 2014
NOV 21 - DEC 5
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Our Two Week Series:
"Disasters From The Sky"
will run from: Friday, November 21st
to Friday, December 5th, 2014
Beginning & Ending @7:00pm (GMT-7:00)
Total Series Audio Time: 22:42
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Open & Encouraging Word
Charley West & Robert Scott.
Run Time - 0:20
The Lemurians Trap for Mankind
Gerald Budzinski. Run Time - 1:07
What’s Been On Your Mind Lately?
Joyce Meyer. Run Time - 1:00
"Just For the Health of It"
Charley West and Guests. Run Time - 1:04
Comet Calamities Throughout History
Charley West. Run Time - 1:04
Avoiding Kingdom Priorities
Myles Munroe. Run Time - 0:53
In Memory of Marilyn Williamson
Gerald Budzinski, Hugh Potter & Lacey Budzinski
Run Time - 0:50
Correcting Misunderstood Heavenly Signs
Robert Scott. Run Time - 0:57
Living Courageously
(Part 1) Joyce Meyer. Run Time - 0:42
Planet ‘X’- Nibiru
Bob Fletcher. Run Time - 1:04
Psalms 31-32
Lacey Budzinski. Run Time - 0:23
Is Their Life on Other Worlds?
Doug Batchelor. Run Time - 0:58
Where Is Jesus When Disaster Strikes
Lynda Scott. Run Time - 0:51
Don’t Tolerate
Robert Morris. Run Time - 0:56
Even Now Faith
Joel Osteen. Run Time - 0:27
UFO Activity and Coming Disasters
Hugh Potter. Run Time - 0:45
Believe It or Not
Andy Stanley. Run Time - 0:41
Praying For Children at the Tribulation
Lacey Budzinski. Run Time - 0:35
Reality Check
T.D. Jakes. Run Time - 1:04
Finding Jesus in Time
Joyce Gingerich. Run Time - 0:57
Wisdom in The Trials
Charles Stanley. Run Time - 0:51
Asteroid Hits & the Fate of the World
Charlene Bishop. Run Time - 0:35
Living Courageously
(Part 2) Joyce Meyer. Run Time - 0:47
Fleeing of (Matthew 24:20)
Judi Ganga. Run Time - 0:43
Prophecy in the News
Kevin Clarkson. Run Time - 0:52
Being Kept Safe in Tribulation
Alanna Edmonds. Run Time - 0:39
Laws of Love
Beth Moore. Run Time - 0:29

Our programming schedule often includes anointed men and women of God whom we respect and from whom we learn much. We do not necessarily agree, however, with every word they say, especially when it comes to using the word "Lord," which is an incorrect translation used in many versions of the Bible. (Why? Read more HERE)


Calling all seekers of truth!

"Disasters from the Sky" Disasters are about to strike the world, including unsuspecting Christians who don't know who they are in Jesus and are not prepared. God does promise protection for believers. However, many Christians are walking in fear or hiding their heads in the sand in ignorance about the evils to come from the sky, including aliens and giants and other entities that will speak about on this series. You and your family can be prepared spiritually so that you escape all the disasters to come and rejoice in God's protection in the coming time of trouble. The world has rejected Jesus and thus He will not protect them. They will be fighting Him, whereas we believers can hide under the shadow of His wings. Series begins Friday, November 21th.


The Lemurian’s Trap for Mankind

Pastor Gerald Budzinski

The world today is comprised of a series of very intricate and socially engineered traps for mankind. They are traps that most of us are in, right now and completely oblivious to them. They are designed to condition us into accepting them, to the point of disbelieving anyone who attempts to set us free. In fact those who share truth with those trapped are often attacked and persecuted. And the traps are everywhere; they are in every sector of society. They are enforced by some very evil beings whose intent is only to lie, steal, kill and destroy mankind. They live and walk among us; some people even worship them and willingly sacrifice their life force to their cause. In our radio series, Gerald Budzinski will reveal seven of these deadly traps the Lemurians have initiated, control, and seduced mankind into blind acceptance. Learn how to identify the traps and be free of them in your life  

Misunderstanding of Heavenly Signs

By Pastor Robert Scott

Jesus prophesied heavenly signs in the sun and moon as warnings of things about to come in the last days. Few Christians have paid attention, and those prophecy teachers that have accented the blood moons have missed the true understanding of these signs. They are not the major signs accompanied by great cataclysms that will occur just before the round of God, revealed in the six seal of Revelation 6. They prophesy the nearness of Jesus’ coming, which can't be tonight but follows a biblical timeline. They also warn of the appearance of a false Jesus to avoid. They coincide with the Shemitah year, which has more to do with the United States and the Commonwealth then with the tiny nation of Israel, known as Judah in the Bible.

Where is Jesus When the Next Disaster Hits?

By Lynda Scott

Where will I be? Where will you be? Does that not depend on our obedience to Jesus Christ and obedience to His Kingdom laws? Throughout Israel’s ups and downs, Jesus was there. Sprinkled Through the First Testament are multiple prophecies of the coming of Jesus Christ as our Savior and King. He is the Messiah, Deliverer, Wonderful Counselor, but He is also the One whose hand is raised against evil, raised and slow to descend, giving each and every one of us time to repent, turn to Him and be saved from His wrath to come.  Heed His words: “See, I am coming soon; my reward is with Me to repay according to everyone’s work.” Can we say, amen? Come King Jesus!


"Born For An Emotional Roller Coaster"

Friday, December 5th to 19th ,  2014

We live in an age where most people wear their emotions on their sleeves, ready to erupt in anger or cursing at a moment’s notice. How about you? Are you a believer in Jesus who knows your identity? Do you put your spirit man before your soul and body? Do you allow the Holy Spirit to dictate what you will feel and say? Or do you allow your emotions to lead, throwing self-control to the wind? Anger-rage is connected with the spirit of perversion, and venting in anger-rage gives one a sexual high. Emotional ranting and cursing negatively affect those around you. It’s time to reign in our emotions as we allow our spirits to be led by the Holy Spirit so love, joy, and peace can be displayed and bless us and those with whom we deal.


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